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Youth: The Bad News Bears - Always Bad News

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Sex at the movies: Hollywood seems in the mood again

Some would argue it never left, but sex appears to be back in Hollywood. From sex addiction to tapes, the movies are in the mood.

The latest examples:

Walk of Shame. Elizabeth Banks ( The Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect

Is there any news about possible new Matrix movies or video games coming out?

Loved the movies but thought the 3rd one left you asking questions and not very satisfied like at the end with neo being carried away it doesent come out and say HE IS DEAD so i just want to now if there is any news on that or video games for it as well.

I'm not sure about games but from the looks of it, they're done with the movies.

Maybe someone will make a spin off or another anime, but the movies are done.

However, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of another game.

what site is best to find reliable and accurate movie news about upcoming movies etc.?


That's short for internet movie data base.

It has pretty much every movie in existance, and upcoming ones.

Even TV shows.


Do you think most of the really arrogant acting Americans we see on news and in movies are of Irish ancestry?

why so for this?

please give examples.

why is this you think?

"Bill O'Reilly" for a good example.

i don't believe arrogance has anything to do with race, creed, or anything other than distorted self image, and arrogance itself!♥

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